Somaliland: SL’s Aspiration to Self-Determination Is Irreversible



No matter whatever negative perception friends and/or foes think about or say as concerns the future of Somaliland, the simple iota of truth which is of course in-escapable to both, is that.

Every right minded person should know that it is only the state of relationships, from now henceforth, that is taking a new shape.

The new morphological structure that is in formation ought to be given all impetus and conductive environment needed to take root.

We shall not fool ourselves and be pessimistic about anything other than the truth.

As a thousand steps anywhere starts with the first, now, two decades later we are or the umpteenth step – and the so called talks, is one of them.

Of all the five SL delegates to the talks, the most convincing, apt, pragmatic and straight to the point was surely that of Hon. Hirsi.

As he talked to Horn Cable in a flash news interjection, the minister depicted the real virtues expected of an experienced diplomat cum politician.

Simply, his words were best soothing music to patriotic ears for it is what they wanted and expected. Again in simple unminced worlds, he told the ‘pro-unionists’ the real issue to be expected and in good faith.

We bet whoever listened to him saw the qualities of the minister, a side not seen before. As the Horn Cable interrupted their 9 pm Persian Somali-translated soap opera, all those who watched appreciated the misconception that Hon. Hirsi quite ably explained as he stood on a neatly gyramoored lawn.

“Somaliland’s recognition doesn’t’ rest on Somali however it (The talks) was only but one of the avenues” in our long trek to self-determination.

It was as plainly put as the truth that it really was. Thus, the misconception that it was ‘a must’ to talk to the southerners or that our recognition depended on them does not arise at all.

The talks therefore has to go on because we have to be civil (and civilized) for that matter. Because we all know what the ultimate outcome is all about, hence the way to go about the imminent mathematical issues to arise that abounds ought to be thrashed out in civil atmosphere.

Of course, without say, the future neighborliness should have its status without any misgivings, that is a good one like anywhere else on earth.

We do not want a Kashmiri type of frontier nor that evolving in the Sudanese plains.

We would rather settle for the Senegal-Gambia brotherhood.

As we thank Hirsi and his colleagues, we should be more optimistic than we have ever been.

Truly, the time factor is all it is about.

This editorial is in the current issue of the Horn Tribune newspaper, a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the government owned Dawan