Somaliland: Should Kulmiye Serve Another Term? Yes They Should!


By: Ali A. Ismail-dheegKulmiye logo

Somalilandsun – It’s exactly three years and 2 months since Kulmiye party led by Ahmed. M.M. Silanyo the current president has won the Somaliland’s Presidential Election in a land slide.

After being an effective opposition party for 8 years – whom was very popular among S/l youth, women, intellectuals, and businesspeople in the Diaspora and in the Country too. Hence, Kulmiye was a very powerful even as an opposition … owing to the highly educated, experienced and a formidable leader which was and still respected and admired by everyone inside and outside of the country.

As soon as Kulmiye came to office in June 2010 President Ahmed Silanyo with his team of cabinets has carried out a wide range and pre-planned government policies, and initiatives to sort out the economic mess and huge debt left behind by the previous administration under Dahir Rayale.

When UDUB party handed over power to Kulmiye public moral was very low, police and armed forces have not being paid for months the economy was stagnated and the country was virtually paralyzed. In his first week at office Silanyo have summoned all Somaliland’s academics, civil society groups and well known business leaders for consultation on how to salvage the economy and pay public service employee such as the police, arm forces and government staffs. In all fairness to Kulmiye party led by right honourable Mr. Ahmed Silanyo … Somaliland economy is booming, public moral is all time high and Somalilanders in Diaspora have gained the trust and confidence to bring forward investments into their country.

Infrastructure of the country is increasingly expanding and transforming as infrastructure is essential for economy to function and very important term for judging a country. Equally, a significant shift in agriculture practices has occurred during press Silanyo’s tenure in response to Kulmiye’s pre-planned policy. Not to mention the most desirable recent ranks on military and police forces.

More over, Mr. Silanyo’s government has created and developed a policy framework based on Community cohesion and mutual partnership where local people are empowered and encouraged to serve their local Communities in order to develop social partnership between the authority and local citizens – So much so that local people are encouraged to participate and make a differences to their local Communities by cleaning up their streets, neighbourhoods and also helping their police forces to eliminate crime and the root causes of crime such as human trafficking, substances misuse and terrorism,

In summary, Kulmiye party attempted to create an ideal society with ideal economy and over all ideal standard of living. Which they already have accomplished substantially and will continue to improve if given a second term.

As for the upcoming Somaliland Election we are very confident that Kulmiye party is the only credible candidate party ready to serve another second term, partly due to the fact that opposition Parties are, squabbling, divided and incompetent, beside the ruling party and mainly because these visible development factors that we’ve mentioned above.

Ali A. Ismail-dheeg_Newport Swales/UK

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