Somaliland: GO 2 School Initiative Launched During World Literacy Day Commemorations


By Abdirahman Yonis

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland Is celebrating the 8th September –World Literacy Day- to launch a wide ranging campaign to give about 300,00 Somaliland Children and Youth Access to education as part of an ambitious GO 2 School Initiative

The campaign which led by the ministry of education and higher studies and supported by UNICEF and other international partners will run for three years, it aims to give a quarter of the young people currently out of the education system a chance to learn

Enrolment rate in Somaliland are among the lowest in the world, only four out of every ten children are in school

Speaking to the ceremony the DG of ministry of education said ” giving education to those who don’t have it is a very crucial opportunity to their future as well as to their families”

He also added that government of Somaliland will ensure the ambitious GO 2 School campaign to became a successful one” we hope this will be achievable initiative” he also requested the parents to bring their children to free government schools

Go 2 school is a wide program which will support the Somali children to get education” said one UNICEF staffer participating at the ceremony, she also underlined the importance of this campaign ” our aim is to support the government of Somaliland to get that 300,000 children which are now out of schools”

This campaign will also a part of building and renovate schools, training and support teachers to increase the capacity of government and provide children training facilities.