Somaliland: Shocking Details of Detained Al-Shabaab Boss Emerge


Alshaabab terror chief Dahir Abdula Alaso in black Hussein Muhamed son to former somalia war lord Businessman Zake in long sleeved shirt and manager mousa courts after secret meeting

Somalilandsun – Following the arrest of a Senior Al-Shabaab operative in Uganda Security agents have unearthed shocking secrets about his seditious activities and dubious dealings.

According to a highly placed redpepper security source investigating the matter, the suspect has been using pseudo names to dupe security monitoring his movements under names; Mohamed Abdullah yet his true name is Dahir Abdullah and is a Dutch citizen.

The source added that Dahir Abdullah is highly connected to the Somali based Al-Shabaab terrorists and that he owns critical pro Al-Shabaab websites which are against the AMISOM troops in Somalia that constantly publish fake reports against AMISOM troops.

A security source also said that Dahir Abdullah who has been under Ugandan ISO and ESO watch list has been traveling to Uganda every year from Netherlands.

His host in Uganda is Hussein Mohamed a son of the former Somali warlord, Gen Eidiid and he resides in Ntinda, Nakawa division.

It is reported that before he was arrested, Hussein Mohamed had booked him a hotel room at Mousa courts owned by El-Hajj Moses Kigongo along Speke road, Nakasero.

It’s in this room that he would meet his contacts in Uganda. He was using an Austrian VISA.

A source further revealed that the day he was arrested, he had met city businessman Zake Mubarak and he had promised to take him to Mogadishu for investment if he worked closely with his mission in Uganda.

Also according to another highly placed source within the Somali embassy in Kampala, Dahir Abdullah is a wanted man in Somalia for working against the state and drumming support for the Al-Shabaab militia using his websites.

A source further said that he is an international computer email hacker who has been hacking into senior Somali government officials’ emails and feeding the information to Al-Shabaab.

“In Somalia we have two groups of Al-Shabaab terrorists, the ones who terrorize and torture the communities physically and those that torture Somalis mentally by preaching against peace using mass media like Dahir Abdullah,” a source said.

A source from the embassy also told Red pepper that Dahir Abdullah is the brain behind all fake reports on UPDF in Somalia including those of alleged rape cases and other member states of AMISOM.

Red Pepper online understands that Dahir would connive with NGOs and countries against AMISOM’s presence in Somalia and circulate information to the international organizations and Human rights bodies.

Alaso is a Danish citizen“He recently doctored a document that the UPDF serving under AMISOM troops had raped Somali women and he circulated the information to Human rights bodies but when the government investigated, we found out that the rape was done by the Somali militia group, Al-Shabaab,” Somali source at Embassy said.

An official from the Somali embassy said that Dahir has also been on international police red notice because of his dealings against the state.

Dahir cannot travel to countries like Djibouti where he defamed the country’s first lady, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Dahir was arrested by security organs last week at Mousa courts in Kampala where he has been meeting different contacts in Kampala and getting key security information about Kampala.

It is also reported that he had highly sophisticated gadgets that can’t be detected security gadgets including CCTV cameras thus helping him to pass through highly sensitive places unnoticed.

A security source further told Red Pepper that Abdullah was found in possession of a laptop which was also confiscated with vital information that would help police in investigations.

He is now at Special Investigations Unit, Kireka