Somaliland: Shaba Company Drills Two Bore Holes in Borama Region


By: A.A.J

Awdal: (Somalilandsun) – Shaba Company in Borama town in Awdal Region has drilled two boreholes of clean water in Borama town.

The opening ceremony was attended by vice president his Excellency AbdiRahman Ismail saylic also in attendance was the state minister for finance Osman Sahardid and other government officials.

The Vice president Praised Shaba company and said that the development is being witnessed because of peace in the country. He said” we have peace in Somaliland so let’s develop our country.”

The company has been granted a 10 year contract by the government of Somaliland to drill bore holes and the head of shaba company Mr. Abdikadir Mahamoud said “the company will ensure that they upscale their activities in Somaliland to ensure that more bore holes are dug and they will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness”