Somaliland: SFG Protests Ethiopia’s Support for Somaliland and Military Display


Is this the army Somalia is crying wolf over?Somalilandsun – The Somalia Federal Government-SFG has secretly protested against Ethiopia’s recent remarks that it would extend military support to Somaliland should it come under attack reports the Ethiopianreveiw.

According to Hadhwanaagnews, a newspaper in Hargeisa, a letter of protest has been issued from the office of Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud this week.

According toNe Hardware acquired by Somaliland Army them in the letter, which is still yet to go public, Somalia claims the recent military parade in Hargeisa was all Ethiopian troops. They stated that Somaliland does not poses such army insisting that those that marched on the streets of Hargeisa on the 18th of May were Ethiopian army.

The newspaper claims the news of the letter was leaked by an Ethiopian official, Protects and Marches on photo design by Kayse Japanwho can’t be named because he was not authorized to speak on the matter. The Ethiopian official said Ethiopia has not yet replied to the letter from the office of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is currently in Addis Ababa for the African Union’s 50th anniversary.

The official also stated that Somalia could not believe with its own eyes the military display in Somaliland. He said Somaliland enjoyed 22 years of stability and it has managed its security and defense forces on its own and Somalia finds it had to swallow this.

Somalia has been angered by Ethiopia’s promise to standby one of its key allies in the region in the case of conflict with Somalia’s various groSomalia is afraid of what the future bearsups or anyone else.

Hundreds of Somaliland armed forces marched throughout various cities last week to mark the 22nd anniversary of its restoration of sovereignty. Unofficial estimates put Somaliland’s active military numbers between 28,000 and 35,000 compared to Somalia’s only 3,000.

Having escaped decades of conflict in Somalia, Somaliland, which sits on the Gulf of Aden, , employs its own security and police forces, justice system and currency.

It has a reputation for successfully maintaining law and order for its population of 3.5 million.

Once the source is verified, Somaliland will respond accordingly to Somalia’s naked aggression and accusations.

Pictures of Somaliland army parade in Hargeisa which Somalia claims were Ethiopians :mrgreen: