Somaliland: SFG Disperses 18th May Commemorations in Mogadishu, Arrests SL Citizens


police in Mogadishu are holding a number of Somaliland citizens at the prison pictured which was a castle during reign of the ottoman empire centuries ago

By: Yusuf M Hasan
MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The Somalia federal Government has prohibited any activities related to commemorating the 24th Somaliland anniversary of independence in Mogadishu.
Somalilanders working in Somalia were stopped from congregating at the Diplomatic hotel in Mogadishu while a number of the event organizers were detained at the notorious Jinawo prison upon arrest by police at the hotel.
The events leading to the arrest ensued when hundreds of somalilanders arrived at the Diplomatic hotel which had been the venue arranged and with knowledge of the government for fest ivies marking the 24th independence celebrations of their country Somaliland that falls on the 18th May 2015.
At the proposed eve functions preceding main activities on the 18th security agents stormed the hotel and arrested a number of organizers among them Abdiaziz Oolow Mohamed who is a high ranking member of the Somaliland National Youth Organization-Sonyo and Hasan Abdiqadir currently detained at the Jinawo prison in Mogadishu.
According to Mohamed Hasan Ismail who is chairman of the Mogadishu 18th May celebrations the clamp down on the function and subsequent arrest remains mysterious since authorities in Mogadishu had given the nod after being appraised.
Meanwhile the Sovereignty of Somaliland is not for debate nor prison