Somaliland: SFG Arming Khatumoist Militias


Now in Garowe, some of the Instructors and Arsenal dispatched by Mogadishu to Distabilize Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
MOGADISHU (Somalilandsun) – The Somalia federal Government-SFG is pursuing avenues of destabilizing the republic of Somaliland through inciting continued strife within a section of the populace.
According to reliable sources within the SFG a large consignment of weapons and army officers have been dispatched from Villa Somalia the presidential mansion in Mogadishu for delivery to remnants of the now scattered militias aligned to secessionists in the Sool region ( Most have defected to Somaliland) intent on creating a Khatumo state purportedly to be hived-off parts of Somaliland.
Our sources indicate that the weaponry dispatched from Villa Somalia and including rocket launchers, General Purpose Machine Guns-GPMG, Armoured Technical War wagons and anti-personnel mines etc as well as a platoon size unit composed of military instructors are currently under custody of authorities of the Somalia Administrative region of Puntland in Garowe.
“The SFG has placed the weaponry in the hands of Puntland’s President Abdiweli Gaas for transfer to the Khatumoists in Somaliland” says the source.
The decision to arm some crooked politicians as a means of the SFG policy of destabilizing its neighbour Somaliland follows a meeting between some Khatumoist leaders and the SFG prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed held at Villa Somalia on the 4th of June 2014.

Somalia PM Abdiweli Sh 3rd L at a Somaliland distabilization meeting with Khatumoists at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu june 4th
The SFG has been forced to intensify its support towards the secessionists following their eviction from their bases in Taleeh district of Sool region during recent operations conducted by the Somaliland national army.
The arms consignment is also a gimmick by the SFG to mar the reputation of peaceful co-existence enjoyed by Somaliland as the two neighbouring countries prepare for the fifth phase of internationally sanctioned dialogue in Turkey this coming August.