Somaliland: Seriously, Let’s Look Before we Leap



Somalilandsun – Once again we call upon all Somalilanders of all walks of lives, all overseers of all major public and private institutions and agencies, the politicians, elders, traditional leaders and the government at large to forge together and focus their efforts to solidarity, peace, unity, harmony and development for progress to get set properly.

We reiterate the above because it is indeed what we stand for.

It is imperative that the government needs the support of its people at all times, just as the people look to their government for public services and security, also, at all times.

The recent past month has seen pathetic “headlines” and “flash news” in our print and electronic media which threatens to set in retrogression at the expense of peace and development.

Just as we have constantly been putting it squarely in this column, it is sadly perpetrated and perpetuated by our local so called “free and vibrant” press media.

The languages we use and the malicious sarcasms we emit are too naïve as to be blatantly meant to offend, cause discord, set in despondence, nurture a culture of impunity and abusively confrontational.

The same is seen from the so called die-hard oppositionist who would rather short-circuit progress, democracy and stability to quench their whims.

Professional politicians and eminent personalities should know better and not add fuel to the fire just as holders of high offices should follow their expected cue in the collective work of national building.

Relatives of our readers who are in the Diaspora have constantly been on phones seeking clarifications and real grasp of situations whose issues they read in websites or watch on televisions; of course bloated and blown out of proportions.

If only all stakeholders, whoever and wherever they are, should for once think twice before they leap; if words would be re-checked before they are uttered; if only confrontational words and methods would be stopped forthwith; or if only diplomatic etiquette, conducts and moves would precede all and become part of our lives etc; then ammunitions to our enemies would have run dry, and naturally, our rogue media would be tamed.

In effect, when we do not think Somaliland first and anything else second, our aspirations would not only be affected but it would succumb to oblivion completely.

We should not allow loose talks to stunt our growth which has just plumaged.

Our power thrusts should have its levers geared towards peace, harmony and stability; and that is when, and only when, progress would have an un-impeded developmental course.

Patriotic countrymen and country women know what they want best for their country, and in essence, not only for themselves but for their posterity.

And that is the SL we envision.

The author M.A. Egge is both associate editor of Somalilandsun and editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group