Somaliland: Government and Striking Water Distributors in Back to Work Arrangement


Interior Minister Addresses Striking Hargeisa private water distributors

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The cessation of service provision by Hargeisa private Water distributors has been brought to an end.

The three days strike by the Hargeisa water supplier’s cooperative that has resulted in shortage engulfing a majority of Hargeisa city residents came to an end after a back to work agreement with the government.

The arrangement that shall see the striking water distributors return to work was agreed upon during a meeting with interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran’ade in Hargeisa.

Pointing out that the water shortage was a difficult for all citizens especially as per demonstrations that saw one die and others injured, Minister Waran’ade who extended condolences to the deceased and wished speedy recovery to the injured also informed that tax payment was an obligation for all.

“As you are witness the administration recently renovated roads to the various areas you draw your water and the works were undertaken with tax money collected from citizens like you” said Waran’ade

Hargeisa residents demonstrate against water shortage

Concurring that the state has in the recent past alleviated road conditions in various areas water is draw the striking water tank owners said their problem was not in paying taxes but in the weight put on their business by the new road tax approved by parliament.

Following related negotiations in which it was arranged that the strike be brought to an end while a three pronged committee made up of ministry of interior, ministry of finance and the Hargeisa water distributors enter into immediate and intense negotiations on the way forward as pertains the new road taxation impasse.

Striking Hargeisa water distributors

It is expected that the water shortage which have engulfed the Somaliland capital city Hargeisa for the last three days and resulted in protest demonstrations shall come to a close and a permanent solution to the crisis found during the subsequent negotiations.

The interior minister took on the onerous task of settling jitters a day after returning back to Somaliland from an official visit to the UK and other European countries.

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