Somaliland: Security Pact Meant to Curb Piracy and Terrorism Imposed.


Hon. Ali Mohamed Wara-ade

BY: A.A. Jama

HAEGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The delegation led by the Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Wara-ade returned back into the country after his official visit in the neigbouring country Djibouti.

Shortly after his arrival at Egal international airport Hon. Ali said the president of Djibouti Ismail Omar Geele was much attentive for Somaliland’s quest for international recognition. Mr. Omar noted that Djibouti has a strong relation with Somaliland when he met the Somaliland’s delegation in his office.

Earlier during his office visit in Djibouti the Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohamed Wara-ade held talks with his counterpart Mr. Hassan Omar Mohamed discussed about tighten security in both countries both ministers signed to fight against terrorist and piracy.

The final leg of the said tour saw the Somaliland team being escorted to Lowya-Ade by Djiboutian security personnel under the command of Col. Mohamed Jama Duale who is one of the presidential security officers where they urged the people to cooperate with authorities from both sides in combating security threats issues for their harmonious co-existence before signing joint security plan in which law enforcers will share intelligence report in order to reduce piracy & terror related crimes in future.