Somaliland: IC Intent on Enhancing Government’s Anti-Piracy Efforts


President Silanyo (C) chairs the meeting with visiting delegation


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The International Community-IC has taken note of the very successfully anti-piracy efforts undertaken by the government and citizens of Somaliland.

These sentiments were expressed during a meeting at the Hargeisa presidency where the Somaliland head of State Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and other state officials met with a visiting delegation from Norway, Denmark, Holland, and Australia as well as from UNDOC.

Apart from supporting anti-piracy activities the discussions also centred on several areas within Somaliland that receive support from represented countries and organization as well as avenues of enhancement.

Speaking on behalf of the visiting delegation During a post meeting press briefing at the presidency the Australian High Commissioner to East Africa Ambassador Geoffrey Tooth who reiterated the international community’s recognition and appreciation of anti-piracy work so far performed by the people and government of somaliland also offered thanks for the very conducive facilitation of their three days visit.

Ambassador Tooth who is leading the delegation also had this to say, ” Since our arrival in the country where we received a very warm welcome from government and people we have so far visited the Mandera and Hargeisa prison facilities in addition to holding very productive meetings with president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo and gthe minister of agriculture among others.

President Silanyo and VP Sayli (c) pose with visiting delegation and Somaliland goverment officials after their meeting in Hargeisa

Both Hargeisa and Mandera prisons are home to hundreds of pirates captured by the Somaliland coast guard or those transfered from other countries after conviction especially Seychelles.

The recognition of anti-piracy efforts of the Somaliland government which it undertakes without external aid is a welcome move especially coming after the country was fully incorporated into the EU fronted maritime engagement with East and Horn African countries with the opening a fully fledged EUCAP NESTOR office in Hargeisa.

At the presidency meeting President Silanyo was accompanied by his deputy VP Abdirahman Sayli, presidency minister Hirsi Haji Hasan, Justice minister Eng Hussein A Aideed, Minister of Commerce and international investment Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar among others

The visiting delegation was composed of

1. Geoffrey Tooth High Commissioner (Australia)

2. Amanda Davis Deputy head of Mission Australian High Commission Nairobi John Wilcox

3. Johan Frederik Mau, Programme Officer at Embassy of Denmark in Kenya

4. Mr. Jan-Petter Holtedahl, Counselor at Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi

5. Carl P. Salicath Director for Maritime Security (Norway)

6. Mr. Andreas Skulberg Deputy Director General at Ministry of Justice and the Police (Norway)

7. Senior Adviser Section for Sub-saharan Africa Ministry of foreign Affairs (Norway)

8. Alain Ancion Deputy Ambassador to Somaliland and Somalia (Holland)

9. UNODC- Koshin

10. Leonardo Hoy-Carrasco Consultant Hostage upport UNODC MCP

11. Rainer Fraunfeld, Director, Nairobi Operational Hub

12. Patrick Fruchet, Deputy Director, Nairobi Operational Hub

13. Francesca Caonero Associate Expert-PPTP

Listen to the press briefing HERE