Somaliland: Security Chiefs in Djibouti for Cross-Border Cooperation Enhancement Talks


L-R Imnterior minister Ali Mohamed Waranade and Police Commissioner Brigadier Gen Abdilahi Iman

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “AS you are aware our country enjoys cordial relations with neighbouring Djibouti thence regular consultative meetings among authorities”

This was informed by the somaliland interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade during a press briefing at Egal International airport in Hargeisa while enroute to Djibouti where he is leading a strong delegation of security chiefs for talks pertinent to enhancement of security cooperation and cross border movement arrangements existing between the two countries.

Flanked by police commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman who is part of the Waran’ade delegation, the interior minister who revealed that his team shall meet an engage with senior security officials of their host country was also optimistic of successful outcome.

“Though we enjoy conducive security and cross border movement arrangements with our neighbours in Djibouti our visit pertains to discussions on enhancing these arrangements especially as related to utilization of digitalized tools of collecting, collating and sharing information” said Waran’ade

Stressing on the importance of regular consultations among partners the Somaliland interior said that despite his 100% security operative’s composition of his delegation various other issues pertinent to bilateral relations with Djibouti shall be on the agenda too.

Even without formal recognition from Djibouti as a sovereign country, somaliland enjoys cordial relations with its neighbour to the West which is among the few countries in the world that accepts the Somaliland passport as a valid travel document not to mention the without too much bureaucracy movement of people between the two countries that also see massive commercial trafficking traversing to and fro.