Somaliland: Sayla and Lugahaya Local Councils Rendered Ineffective


Lugahaya School polling centre of disputed electionsAs 10 Councilors abide by an Isse clan resolution and resign their elected membership of the councils

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARIRAD (Somalilandsun) – The election dispute that refuses to go away in Salal region has taken on a new dimension following the resignation of 10 councilors from the Sayla and Lugahaya local councils.

At a press conference in Harirad town the 10 councilors announced that they have tendered in their resignation from their membership of the two local councils in Salal region after an Isse clan resolution that came after a broad based clan elders meeting.

With The council membership withdrawal by the ten councilors, the Sayla and Lugahaya council is now entirely composed of councilors from the Gadabursi clan who are alleged to have secured a majority of seats through unscrupulous means.

Since conclusion of the 28th November local councils elections the Isse clan that is dominant in Salal region has cried foul over the minority numbers in the local councils currently dominated by the supposedly minority Gadabursi clan.

Conflict came to the limelight during election of Sayla mayor that Saw the Isse’s refuse to acknowledge the office of new mayor Suleiman Eidle who is from the minority clan.

Before The conflict was resolved by the interior minister Hon Mohamed Duur Arale, in whose docket local government falls under, a number of people had lost their lives in brawls with security forces even as far as the neighbouring Awdal regional capital of Borama after the security detail of Vice president Sayli fired live bullets on demonstrators protesting the VP’s poor handling of the conflict.

Just the other day Sayla mayor Suleiman Eidle Barkhad announced that three councilors, all from the Isse clan, have been removed from the rooster of council members after they visited the Ethiopian town of Dire Dawe without official permission.

In the meanwhile and As the battle for control of the Salal region local councils goes on, the Sayla and Lugahaya residents shall have to do without services from their councils.

The names of the resigning councilors, three from Lugahaya and seven from Sayla local councils are:

1)-Geesh Aden Bile –

2) – Aden Abdilahi Boodle-

3)-Abdinasir Jama Hosh

4)-Mahmud Egal Waeis,

5)-Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Barkadle,

6) – Ahmed Migil Eil-tire,

7)-Saeed Muse Giire, all from Sayla local council

8) – Hasan Mohamed Dhimbiil,

9)-Mumin Muse Duale and

10)-Ibrahim Jama Maidane from Lugahaya local council