Somaliland: Sand Harvesters are Arrested in the City



By Moody Bodle

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)- The chairman of the National Environmental Research and Disaster Preparedness Authority (NERAD) Mr. Mohamed Muse Awale and the deputy governor of Marodijeeh region Mr. Rashid Ahmed Mohamed flanked by police force arrested all the truck drivers who drove dumpers that harvested sand in Hargeisa’s dry river bed.

The NERAD chief wondered why the culprits could not use their common sense given that “even when the roots of the trees along the river is quite visible”.

Mr. Mohamed Musa said that anything that caused soil erosion in the river bed such as the harvesting of it is prohibited. Mr. Mohamed said, “Allah has given us the gift of thinking and brain storming so that we should be able to discern wrong from right”, and added that, “we are not going to sit back and let the rampant destruction go on un-impeded”.

On the other hand the deputy governor stressed that they had been propelled by emotional patriotism which has compelled them to act swiftly.

The sand harvested daily along the dry river-bed is usually used by building constructors.