Somaliland: Sanag Community Bans Charcoal Burning


damale hagare village“We shall not wait for president Obama to protect our environment‘ Elders

By: Yusuf M Hasan

DAMAL HAGARE (Somalilandsun) – Continued charcoal burning has raised concern in some parts of Sanaag region.

An elders meeting in Damal Hagare village which is in the south of Sanaag region has banned charcoal burning with immediate effect.

During a clan meeting in the village Elders said that anybody found charcoal burning will be dealt according to tribal and government laws because of the deteriorating situation of the environment effected by the illegal charcoal burners.

The elder’s wrath was directed at the charcoal burners whose activities are for the benefit of some scrupulous businessmen from Puntland who export the charcoal to the Arabian Peninsula.

“We are taking action now instead of waiting for USA president Obama to act on our behalf” said the elder’s statement.

The full statement of the elders that was read to the press which has been denied access during proceedings read:

1. The clan meeting of Damal Hagare residents held for five days from 21st July 2012 has agreed to protect the environment at all costs.

2. All charcoal burning activities have been banned in all areas under the jurisdiction of Damal Hagare local administration and those caught in the act will face the wrath of law.

3. The responsibility of environmental protection rests with all residents as well as the Damal Hagare local council under the supervision of Elders.

The statement which was released by the Elders of Damal Hagare comes at an appropriate moment as charcoal burning is not only destructive to the environment but has been a source of conflicts that impinged negatively on local security.