Somaliland: Sanaag Residents Shoo-off Puntland


Hadaftimo raises the SL flag The Garowe administration should stop laying claim to our clan whose allegiance and geographical location is in the Republic of Somaliland- Chief Mohamed Said Abdi

By: Yusuf M Hasan

BADAN (Somalilandsun) – Residents of East Sanaag have decried continued insecurity in the area precipitated by Garowe based Puntland authorities.

At a clan meeting held in the Hagaftimo town the residents of Badan District asked Puntland to keep away thus cease arming and sending militias to destabilize security in East Sanaag region districts.

A clan declaration that ensued from the meeting, informed Puntland that East Sanaag residents is not only geographically situated within the boundaries of Somaliland but owe their allegiance to the government in Hargeisa.

According to Chief Mohamed Said Abdi the territorial claims of East Sanaag and Sool Regions by the Somalia regional administration of Puntland has resulted in untold sufferings for residents who miss out on public services and development projects from Somaliland.

The meeting which was convened by the Hussein Isse sub clan of Warsengeli clan whose domicile is the districts  East of Sanaag region was attended by all notables from the areas and officiated by among others Chief Mahmud Saeed Abdi,  Elders Abdishakur Omar Muse/ Hasan Osman Hirsi, Mahmud Dahir Dhoodi and women leader Ms. Amina Abdilahi Kobaar.

The meeting communique which informed that any association the clan maintained in the past with Puntland ended a year ago after grievances with the government in Hargeisa was resolved, urged the Garowe administration to desist henceforth from all infringements be it political or military in East Sanaag.

 Coming in the heels of a foiled Puntland attempt to assassinate the deputy minister of energy, Water and minerals Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan during a working visit to the areas is a clear signal that the pact entered between President Silanyo and Clan elders in Hargeisa is glued tight.

The assassination attempt came as no surprise considering that Hon Abdisalan Mohamed Hasan is the senior most official from the Somaliland government to undertake a working tour of the Eastern Sanaag districts of Badan and Las Qoray since area residents made a pledge of allegiance to the republic of Somaliland after recanting their support of Puntland last year.

Successive regimes from the Somalia administrative region of Puntland have over the year’s fomented trouble and disharmony in Eastern parts of Sanaag and Sool regions, areas the administration in Garowe claims.