Somaliland: Demonstrators at Downing Street Protest Imprisonment of SMS Lady


  By: Mohammed Ahmed Ali

LONDON (Somalilandsun) – Demonstrations took place today at Downing Strenadra freedom campaign posteret in London demanding the release of Miss Nadra Mohamed Jama who was sentenced to 8 months in prison by the Somaliland government this month for allegedly sending offensive text messages to one of the Presidency ministers reports

The crowd of people who gathered in-front of Downing street which is opposite  the office and the residence of the British PM carried slogans like : One SMS , 8 Months in prison , No human rights in Somaliland

Nadra Mohamed Jama has been in detention without charge for 8 weeks before she was sentenced to 8 months prison in Mid Feb. This Somaliland women , dubbed as the SMS lady has been charged and imprisoned for allegedly sending offensive text messages to minister Hirsi Haji Ali of the Somaliland presidency.

The imprisonment  of Nadra has been seen by the Somaliland people  as human rights abuse and  breach of her rights and the case sets precedence for other similar abuses against Somaliland women in the future. Most think that this action by the authorities  does not help Somaliland democratization processes and its commitment to freedom of speech. Activists have demanded that the minister in question should show tolerance and restraint and that   the public should not keep silent about the injustice against this lady.

The demonstrators called upon the British government to use its influence on Somaliland authorities to release  Miss Nadra M . Jama from prison .

Somaliland needs to respect human rights  and vulnerable women should be protected against the power abusers among the government officials.

By : Mohammed Ahmed Ali ( Medeshi )