Somaliland: Ruling Party on Preparatory Mood for Its 3rd Congress in December


Chairman of Ruling Party Mr. Bihi

• 27 preparatory Committee members approved as President Silanyo welcomes party’s consensus;

• Party’s 3rd Congress will take place in December as planned: Kulmiye Chairman.

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s ruling party Kulmiye, after hours of tough discussion between party’s leadership and their majority alliance in the central executive committee and the opposing ministers have finally approved 27 preparatory committee members magnificently.

The discussion among those groups was held at Vice President’s house and it took almost 10 hour, but finally party’s executive central committee ended their indifference and reached consensus where they have agreed to add 9 additional members to the 18 members previously suggested by the chairman of Kulmiye Mr. Mouse Bihi Abdi.

At the present the final agreed members by Kulmiye’s Central Executives Committee will be 27 preparatory committee members which will organize the forthcoming congress of the party. It is expected to be held in mid-December of this year.

After a long time and closed doors debate, leadership of the party flanked by members of central executive committee jointly held press conference and the following 2 points are agreed which was stated by ruling party’s current chairman Mouse Bihi Abdi; A) 31 members from party’s Central Executive Committee unanimously agreed to approve 27 person who will be responsible for the preparation of Kulmiye’s 3rd National Congress, 2 abstained to vote and chairman didn’t. B) 7 members from organizations discarded from last year’s controversial municipal elections including RAYS, DALSAN and UMMADA who joined Kulmiye were included to party’s Central Executive Committee. Currently Kulmiye will have a total of 42 Central Committee members.

President Silanyo

Chairman of Kulmiye after the consensus sent warning to opposition parties and said, “There is no dispute in the party and the party’s forthcoming Congress will be successfully held. It will take place in December as planned. Opposition parties and media exaggerated the contest between Kulmiye members. Completely there is no conflict and misunderstanding between the government and Ruling party leadership.

“The cooperation performance of the government and the party is on the increase and no turning back. Ongoing debates and consultations within the party leadership finally succeeded and the government and the party are united.”

President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo was reported to have exclusive meeting with party’s leadership, hours after the dialogue was concluded. Leadership of the party briefed the president on how things were settled and how the opposing groups have finally buried the hatchet in order to go forward.

Members of country’s opposition parties have already predicted that Kulmiye will tear apart after December, but things are different and it seems that different perceptions between the group and the tough discussion didn’t undermine party’s co- existence.