Somaliland: National Consultation and Rectification Forum speak-out


By Guleid Abdi Maher

National Consultation and Rectification Forum members

 HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The national consultation and Rectification Forum speaking during a press conference announced their intention to hand over the preparation of the match published conference pertaining consultation about national matters to the two opposition parts UCID and national part WADANI.

The chairman of the council Mr. Hassan Gure Jama in a press statement flanked by formed finance minister Mohamed Hashi Elmi and former first vice –president of Somaliland Mr. Hassan Jama said that the conference will take place soon and they will be among the participants.

Mr. Hashi, FMR Finance Minister said that the country needs an urgent national meeting to discuss about many problems facing Somaliland people which the current president Ahmed Mohammed Mohammud has turned blind eye on, by blundering the meager resources of the country.

The former freedom fighter of SNM and the chairman of the now disbanded HAQSOOR party Mr.Hassan Essa Jama said that the government of the ruling party kulmiye is resisting opposition concerning their short comings by using repression tactics. ” some people in the presidential palace have even threatened the head of UCID opposition party with death”,

FMR Vice President added, “Since the ascend to power by Kulmiye party led by President Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud, the country has been run as fiefdom during his 3 years in power the opposition have been silenced. Tribalism, claim, nepotism and cronyism are the rule of the day. Kulmiye came power with a lot of promises to the youths of the country today the country is suffering brain drain as a result of migration by the youths to European countries because of lack of employment opportunities in the country.

“If the situation continues the much celebrated peace may suffer as a result. Lack of insight among those in power has caused a lot of problem to the people of Somaliland. For instance the tycoons of the country are busy importing cheap goods from overseas, instead of investing in the manufacturing sector of the country.

“Goods that can be produced in the country are imported from abroad. Somaliland is ranked among the poorest countries in the world while it boasts with abundant natural resources that are waiting to b tapped. Somaliland needs visionary leaders who can lead them in turbulence.”