Somaliland: Root Causes of Now Alarming Road Accidents


Most drivers all over Somaliland do not adhere to traffic rules mstly out of ignorance

Somalilandsun – In the last week traffic collisions have been occurring allover the country, no what matter where the place is and that 2 latest ones are the horrific accidents on our Somaliland Highways which the one from last weekend happened on the Berbera-Hargeisa Highway in the Hailye Township on the outskirts of the Capital city, Hargeisa. The second one happened at the Berbera-Burco highway near the town of Sheikh.

We have to evaluate and consider what was the result of the accident and that car collision occur on a numerous amount of reasons.

1. We are not strict on drivers license

2. Allot of the drivers are incompetent behind the wheel, without any training on motor vehicles what so ever.

3. Road Rage and aggressive driving which is common in Somaliland.

4. Talking and texting on the cell phone while driving a motor vehicle.

5. Speeding

6. Drowsiness, fatigue, or being to tired to be operating a vehicle.

7. Tailgating which is also common in Somaliland.

8. Improper passing and improper use of signals and most drivers don’t signal for turns.

9. Poor road conditions, Bad weather conditions such as the rain and flood that go through the riverbed when it is flooded with water.

10. Stunt driving, racing and that stunt driving occurs on streets and neighborhoods in Somaliland and also in stadiums and isolated places.

Citizens in efforts to save lives following an accident by a Hargeisa bound milk transporter/fileEven with the new roads that were repaired or renovated, car accidents have been worse then before, just because the road is smooth and paved that does not mean use it as race track and go really fast, and that means you are endangering your self and your passengers, pedestrian and other motorists.

I urge the government to come up with an alternative to combat this issue facing Somaliland and that make driver’s license really tough and that to get a truck or bus or taxi license you need to have a passenger license first and then do two steps the written and road test, and the people need to understand the basics driving through the driving book and the road test, and that driving is not a right, it is a privilege. We need more traffic signs, and we need traffic lights, and that the traffic lights have not been operating for years now in the capital and that new and advanced ones should come, and it should go all over the country. We need driver awareness programs on our TV in Somaliland and bring a panel and discuss this issue and we must confront this problem at once.

Samatar, Ramadan Karim

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