Somaliland: Fibre Optic Internet is Creating new Opportunities for Youths


Somalilandsun – The arrival of fibre optic internet is finally here, Somaliland has waited for a while but the first installations are already happening across Hargeisa’s business district as we speak.
Somcable’s High-Speed fibre optic internet runs underground and under water from Djibouti to Somaliland and covers almost every major town and city.
Other internet companies are already providing their services in the country. But their customers usually suffer from a lot of disruptions and cut-offs which severely hinders business growth and development.
Fibre optic internet is a game changer, and with the reliable internet come many new business opportunities that have the possibility to create thousands of jobs in the IT and Online business sector, in particular for young Somali people.
This new era of the digital age could give young people the opportunity to create new businesses and reduce the staggering un-employment rate.
We could be talking about software companies creating hospital management systems and e-government solutions, online trade directories, web and graphic design companies and online learning solutions such as
somalibaro founder Madhdi Abib and marketing manager Mohamed is one of the first businesses to sign-up to Somcable’s fibre optic internet in its downtown Hargeisa offices. SomaliBaro is an online e-learning service teaching Somali’s living the Diaspora how to speak, read and write in Somali. The company employs local young people who speak fluent English and is set to reach a team of 40 staff members by summer 2016
It now has students from UK, Canada, US, Australia, Kuwait and even Bangladesh. Teaching through their interactive ‘classroom software’ that uses voice, video and text chat. All students can record their lessons and playback at anytime for study purposes, many of whom learn to speak the basics of Somali in just 6 weeks.
The future for Somaliland’s online business opportunities looks very bright with many more to follow and who knows, we might have the next Facebook or Twitter being created by a young Somali?
By: M Aden