Somaliland: Review Talks with SFG in view of Airspace Floutations



Somalilandsun – The truth about the Somalia of Mogadishu in retro-respective to the aspirations of Somaliland is the fact that we should always be ready to agree to disagree with them when they choose to lose their sights on the facts about SL.

Similarly, we of course should disagree with them to agree on common grounds as diplomacy would have elsewhere concerning security, bilateral and associated neighbourly relations.

As for the SL/Somalia talks, memory would testate that this column was the first media outlet to point out that our southern neighbours had already compromised laid down 6-point guidelines that bonded the continuance of further round-tables.

With hard facts, we pointed and illustrated words from their chiefs (all the top three) and others who flouted seriously the rules that were to sustain a spirit of conducive scenarios to sail through the negotiations and the next and the next.

As for the latest Elmoge bragging, he wasn’t the first on this same aviation issue to claim so. His interior counterpart in the 5-man Mogadishu team did the same while fresh from Istanbul where the agreement took place.

He claimed triumph and gave the same sentiments.

Latest is their foreign chief who only last week talked with similar tunes when she said that “all UN, AU, Arab-league and Igad statues gave Somalia (Mogadishu) the leverage hence have chronicled it so,” as if it were manna-laws from above!

We believe their government is behind the statement fully backing it for they connived it with the help of UN members with ulterior motives to prolong the Somali quagmire.

We are not that blind as to not see and acknowledge it.

The truth again, to the contrary, is that no foreign forces would box-in Somalilanders to revert to another un-solemnized, unwarranted and blemished “marriage” with our ‘brethren’.

The only thing that unifies them into a solid unit, whatever poles they belong to, is their unashamed naïve claims on SL as if we are part and parcel of their personal possessions.

Of course there are alternative plans ‘B’,’C’, etc. The Hague, however presumed Afro-suppression tool, is but a venue. The best thing, though, is our steadfast aspirations, undying belief, humble nature, un-dwindling energies, high spirits and morale to always fuel the flames of our resolve that was well kindled.

We call upon the state, legislative assembly, elders, media and all concerned to pep up our vitalities, and if anything, demonstrate against the arbitrary UN decision that has surely some ulterior motives.

Let’s consult our friendly states and take a real onslaught towards piercing through such uncalled for bottlenecks.

Anyhow, what really has happened is that we have been clasped in a Catch 22 pose, something that should never be allowed to recur any more.

In essence, we are in a far much better position than we were two decades ago such that none can cow us easily.

Surely if SL declares its airspace a no fly-zone, would the patriots sit still as if caged?

Never! They (both UN and Mogadishu) know quite well the resultant effects of their action.

By the way, why are they chewing more than they can swallow? Should they not have thought of ways and means of pacifying their backyards first?

Oh! Perhaps there’s more than meets the eyes!

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media group