Somaliland: Responsibility a Must for the Country’s Image



Somalilandsun – Whatever the hullabaloos, hues and cries that has stirred dirt over the past few weeks hence emanating from uncalled for quarters should be stopped forthwith.We have most recently been fed by all crap that, if anything, goes against all measures of individual, communal or national integrity.

People in positions of public services or associated social sectorial development should not bring into disrepute the essence, integrity, honour or erstwhile objectives of the people, the nation and the government.

What should have actually been eye-sores is more or less a standard feature in our daily lives. This can be denoted by what the local media abets day in and day out.

To see a municipal’s hierarchy giving conflicting and contradictory guidelines or orders that pits the mayor, his deputy and their chief executives against each other for long without being checked has no words for description.

So, too, do having agency chiefs, security officials, departmental heads etc having antagonistic behavioral trends pitting the top two or three against one another, lacking a befitting term.

keep silent or stop talking crapWorst of all are the public counters of vehement rhetoric engulfing the political organizations in fiery flames of power struggles that threatens democratic norms established.

There should be no way that roles of conflicts should occur because there are already regulated etiquettes of professionalism whose applicable rules are place in every field.

Similarly should there be no way that conflicting roles occur (unless there is prior inconsistencies in the statutes).

In other words discipline, diligence, responsibility and integrity must be called to order.

On the other hand all who love Somaliland and are patriotic would be dismayed if the ruling party disintegrates.

We are convictional that such a scenario should not (and must not) be allowed to occur at any time whatsoever.

The ruling party is supposed to have its formulated policies adopted hence reflect the integrity of the nation at all times.

We should not be seen as people who are at loggerheads day in day out since we stand to lose our respect first from the rest of the world and secondly from our own (and/or again) vice versa!

Patriots should not let us be a laughing stock. We should immediately redress the situation before it gets out of hand to a point of no return.

The only way out of this situation is by first shelving off narrow-winded tribal and clannish tendencies. Whether it is in the streets, public joints or offices, these must halt.

Amendments on concerned laws should have articles that spell stern actions against the ills.

Factually this social pathological ill is more harmful than all subversive ones.

Secondly discipline must be instilled in all public official lives. Step by step other checks and balances should follow.

SL cannot afford to slide back into abyss hence time should not be lost.

We call for unity and urge for solidarity hence pray for harmony such that our clamor to our aspirations may have only the sky as the limit.

Of course the local media should desist from entrenching such vices as is evident.

The author M.A.Egge who doubles as the editor of The Horn tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group and associate editor of Somalilandsun can be contacted via