Somaliland: Resign! MP Roble Tells President Silanyo


Somaliland MP Saeed Elmi Roble wants President Silanyo to resign

Somalilandsun – Somaliland citizens are reeling from the negative effects of poor policies being implemented by the administration of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.
According to Member of the House of Representatives MP Saeed Elmi Roble, the only remedy left open as an option towards saving the country and citizens is the immediate resignation of president Silanyo
In justification of this demand the MP who is also member of Opposition Wadan party said that the exit of president Silanyo will automatically relieve citizens of burdening inflation and subsequent poverty that has taken root since the current administration assumed office in mid 2010.
“Not only will life improve for citizens but elections will be held as well if president Silanyo resigns immediately” said MP Roble while adding that this move will facilitate ascension VP Sayli to office and subsequent changes.
Stressing that a Sayli presidency can help revert current status quos of economic and political malady in Somaliland, the Legislator said that the Silanyo legacy is being destroyed by a few powerful officials surrounding him.
Said he, “while almost all Public property in major cities have been sold, the disposal at huge Amounts is not discernible at empty central coffers”
Having accrued large sums of monies not only from the public coffers the few powerful unelected individuals within the Somaliland presidency corridors are usually on foreign trips “to where they deposit their ill gained loot” emphasized MP Saeed Elmi Roble
Reiterating his call for president Silanyo to leave office now rather than later, the MP said that this will not only avail the elderly president ample time to rest from public life but facilitate a resemblance of apt though dented legacy.
The legislator who was press briefing outside parliament buildings on Hargeisa also reminisced on a recent visit to his constituency in Toghdeer region said,
“What prompts me to urge immediate departure of president Silanyo is the abject poverty engulfing citizens and more so members of assorted security personnel in the country”
“During my latest visit to Burao town I met a number of armed forces personnel who revealed to me that unless things changed quickly, forget ensuring security we shall be unable even to carry our guns due to hunger”
Adding that the soldiers grievances are not on lack of pay but insufficiency thence inability to provide regular basic family needs, the legislator sad that a large number of civil servants have not been paid salaries since the beginning of the year.
“How is it possible that some civil servants are not being paid their salaries which is included in the 2017 budget” queried the legislator adding that one would not fail to wonder about the whereabouts of the money allocated in a budget prospered by the ministry of finance and approved by the cabinet and parliament followed by ongoing implementation upon signature by the president
Stating that the difficulties being encumbered by his constituents are replicated nationwide the MP was equivocal that this shall translate into a heavy loss for ruling Kulmiye party during the presidential elections slated for this November.