Somaliland: Prof Adan a People’s Oriented Chief Justice


Somaliland Chief Justice Prof Adan Haji Ali Ahmed

 Somalilandsun – A throng of ordinary citizens is usually to be found outside the offices of the Chief Justice in Hargeisa every Saturday.

“I have already met with the Chief Justice and my my legal grievances assuaged” Elderly Fatuma Idiris said immediately she come out of the Somaliland Chief Justice Prof Adan Haji Ali Ahmed on the 6th May 2017.
She was among the hundreds who had taken advantage of the one day in the week the CJ has allocated one to one meetings with ordinary citizens
Since he assumed top judiciary office in the country youthful Prof Adan Haji Ahmed has directly got involved and straightened thousands of legal constraints engulfed by the common man.
On this particular Saturday and having arrived at his offices at 7am exactly 365 citizens mostly elderly men and women had their legal grievances straightened after direct and personal meetings with the Chief Justice.
According to a staffer the CJ upon being briefed by his visitors, immediately takes action by ordering related departments to settle the matter at hand.
“Though regular duties associated with the office of the Chief Justice as pertains the entire country take most of our working hours, issues presented directly by citizens are prioritized” said the staffer
Almost all of the citizens queried on the outcome of their direct presentation of legal grievances unanimously concurred not only on expedited action by the CJ but on the fact that he, Prof Adan Haji Ali Ahmed is the best and people oriented one to have occupied that office in Somaliland.
“Since he assumed offices and allocated Saturday to meetings with the public, many of our cases pending in the courts have been settled at the stroke of a pen” said Osman Eidle a resident of Sanaag region who came to Hargeisa purposely to meet the CJ.
“A land dispute that has been going the rounds of the regional to appeal courts for years was settled within a week after meeting the Chief Justice” said Osman while revealing that on this particular Saturday he had come to give thanks to Prof Adan