Somaliland: Reshuffling of Diplomats in Strategic Missions is in the Offing.


Minister Bihi Yonis

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Government is finalizing plans to reshuffle Ambassadors & Diplomats representing the country in strategic countries after carrying a massive overhaul of foreign missions with a view to restructuring the mandates- a role that might result screening the inactive from the active lot.

The plans were heralded by a vigorous campaign that saw Foreign Ministry engaged in multitude of platforms in clamoring for international recognition.

This was informed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs & International Co-operation Mohamed Bihi Yonis who addressed a press conference at VIP lounge of Egal International Airport in Hargeisa upon his arrival on Tuesday from overseas official trip.

Mr. Bihi briefed on the outcome of the recently passed private member motion tabled by Mohamud Mahffout in which the county assembly of Sheffield overwhelmingly voted for the recognition of Somaliland.

“I took my seat at the chambers of the county assembly of Sheffield as an observer when the members were debating on the pros & cons of granting us recognition status. The private motion bill was tabled by Hon. M. Mahffout that saw it sailed through based on account of accomplishment that we as a country attained, namely the existence of abundance peace & stability, maturity of democracy evidenced on conduct of elections culminating to peaceful transition of powers from one Head of State to another coupled with clamor spanning for 23 years in quest for an international recognition. I interacted with members of the assembly upon passage of the motion where majority promised to lobby other county Governments in the UK to emulate their gesture. I also had a chance to dine & celebrate with Somaliland Association in Sheffield where they guaranteed to collectively lobby transmitting this initiative across other cities in continental Europe”, narrated Mr. Bihi.

The Foreign Minister also informed attentive journalists on praising Sheffield’s Somalilanders on their nationalism & patriotisms that needs to be emulated by other Diaspora Associations.

In responding to question asked on the authenticity pertaining to news making headlines with reference to disappearance of money in excess of $ 20,000 handed to Mineral Resources Minister by President Silanyo which was meant for the preparations in run up to Sheffield’s motion, Mr. Bihi said,

“Sincerely I have no knowledge of the said money disappearing in the hands of my colleague & neither does our consulate in UK knows about that but once I am furnished with that information I shall give detailed information on that”.

When asked about his hand off style of management that critics used to gauge his lack of effecting meaningful changes in foreign missions abroad, Mr. Bihi revert ,

“It solely shoulders me as a Minister to reconstitute, reshuffle & appoint new faces in the Ministry at home as well as offices of consulates in strategic nations & I am working on that because some of our representatives are not at tandem with our vision as a Ministry while others are up to date with the task bestowed on them, others are underperforming hence the need to reconstitute the entire representation abroad. I shall avail a final list reflecting these changes at an opportune time God willingly”.