Somaliland: Reparations for Somalia’s 30 Years of Injustice and Discrimination are Due Somalilanders


Says ex-Somalia FM Farmajo as he argues that reparations will hasten reunification of Somalia & Somaliland

Farmajo saysreparationswill hasten Somaliland Somalia reunification

Somalilandsun- Former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi (Farmajo) conceded that Somaliland’s decision on re-inserting its 1960 independence has not been baseless and an infatuation based pronouncement, as he added that Somaliland was right to do so and break the merger after 30 years of injustice and isolation resulted by its involuntary union with Somalia

In order to move towards peaceful and greater Somalia (Somalia and Somaliland) in the future, beforehand Somaliland should be given compensation and reparation as it became a victim of injustice, isolation and discrimination after ithad voluntarily united with the rest of Somalia in 1960”

The problem in Somalia didn’t start in 1991, but honestly it had started in 1960 when our brothers, Somaliland voluntarily merged with Somalia. As such we need to address the past injustice which is a crucial part of the process of healing and reconciliation in order to seeonce again Somalia and Somaliland re-unification. Thus we have to ask forgiveness from them (Somaliland) and then again send for a re-unity plea to them”

Former Prime Minister of Somalia Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo who likewise running for the Presidency of Somalia which it’s presidential and parliamentary elections are expected to be held in late of this year said this in a ceremony he was delivering his presidential campaign speech in Mogadishu. 

By: Mahmoud Qodah