Somaliland: Regional Intelligence Chief Escapes Assassination attempt


Las anod town is hotbed of assasinsBy: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – The Sool regional intelligence chief has escaped from an assassination attempt.

The intelligence chief Mr. Arab Qawdan escaped unscathed after a suspected hand grenade was thrown to his home in Las anod town around 10 pm (GMT +3) with a visiting relative losing his life in the process.

The attack perpetrated by yet unknown people left Mr. Ahmed Khalif dead after he sustained life taking injuries from the grenade that exploded on top of him. The dead Khalif is a prisons officer in Las anod and a maternal uncle of the intelligence chief who was the obvious target.

The attack on the regional intelligence chief comes exactly on the same day, same time a fortnight ago that the deputy regional prosecutor was assassinated outside his house in the same town by now apprehended gunmen who peppered the late prosecutor with several bullets.

This is the second time for Mr. Arab Qawdan to escape an assassination attempt following the March 2011 attack in the same town where he sustained injuries while his then boss Assad Mire died on the spot. Mr. Qawdan was elevated to the top post as a replacement for the dead Mire.