Somaliland: Refugees United and Telesom in Family Reconnection Partnership


Pact of mercy and Charity

Somalilandsun- In a move that will see thousands of family reconnected, Somaliland’s giant telecommunication company Telesom has joined forces with Refugees united.

Refugees United is a non-profit independent organization with the mission of reconnecting thousands of separated refugee families across the globe of whom there are an estimated 43 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide, a staggering percentage of which have lost family members or friends in their escape from natural disasters, political persecutions or armed conflicts.

Telesom is the largest telecommunication operator in Somaliland and has many leading services and features including G3 network, mobile banking and broadband internet.

Refugees United and Telesom officials pose after signing the family reconnecting  pact in Hargeisa

The two agreed to work together to help reunite refugees living in Somaliland with their loved ones. It is yet another initiative from Somaliland’s leading businesses showing their commitment to their moral, ethic and corporate responsibilities.

Telesom generates over $50 million in profits every year. Somaliland overall enjoys the cheapest rate in the world where one can make international call for as low as $0.005 per minute. In Ethiopia it can take weeks before receiving a Sim-card but in Somaliland upon arrival you will receive a free Simcard with $1 balance at the airport on arrival. This is provided by the competing 7 or 8 companies who will do everything to win new costumers including the returning Diaspora.