Somaliland: Military Court Justifies Release of Hubaal Shooting Case Suspect


Brigadier Sharmarke

By: G. A. Maher

Somalilandsun – The chairman of the military court of Somaliland Brigadier general Yusuf Farah Sharmarke has revealed why the Court released the suspect in the Hubaal saga.

He said according to the military law the suspect could not be held in custody for more than 180 days and was released on bond. The suspect Ahmed Hassan Hashi and an accomplice raided Hubaal Media Network armed with machetes and pistols his colleague is still at large, they severely injured the editor.

Brigadier General Yusuf Sharmarke said that after filing the case about the duo that attacked the media house the complainant did not follow-up the case and as a consequence we could not hold the suspect for more 7 months he lamented