Somaliland: Rebuilding Erigavo Road Has Multidimensional Significances


Construction of the Erigavo Burao asphalt road biggest  Somaliland govt project ever


By: Idiris Mahmud Abdi

Somalilandsun – Rebuilding Erigavo road, which had been badly damaged for a long time, is significant for flourishing the economy, minimizing car accidents, and encouraging social interactions among Somaliland people. So, it deserves a national fundraise to be rebuilt.
As we discuss about our roads, harsh memories race across our minds- memories of beloved relatives, friends, elders, and even politicians who have lost their lives in car accidents, most of them caused by lack of good roads.

When it comes to Erigavo road, it is among worst ones. Despite its significance for the country, Erigavo road had been badly damaged for a long time. Holes and rocks formed in the middle of the road easily overturned plenty of cars. Properties like livestock and other commodities are destroyed when heavy trucks overturn. As the result of that, it has become a real fear for some passengers to travel with such poor road. “It is unsafe”, a passenger sputtered. “It is not reliable; it is really dangerous. I really worried a lot during my last journey from Erigavo to Burao”, Sa’ed Garaad has complained. So, destruction of Erigavo road almost cut off Sanaag community from the rest of the country. They have gotten phobia from travelling by car.
Escaping from accidents is not the only reason we need to rebuild Erigavo road. The region is home for prodigious landscape and historical places like Taleeh. Daalo, Surad, and Golis chains in Sanaag are the most beautiful mountains in the country. If there had been a good access to Sanaag’s sacred beauty, a lot of people from all over the country, and even from the world, would have visited it during their vacations, leading tourism activities to be flourished. Local residents would have made money by renting houses, flats, hotels, and serving for foreign tourists and citizen visitors. Unfortunately, the obstacle against such prosperity is lack of road- one problem that blocks many opportunities.
Sanaag region has its own unique production, but, unfortunately has not access to the country’s cities and ports. Beeyo, sheep, and goats are exported through Puntland ports, because they have better access to them. At the same time, various commodities are imported from Puntland ports. Imagine what a tax our government missed there! So, rebuilding Erigavo road is refreshing region’s economy and as well as the country’s income. What a rich region, but without a good road it should be remained under natural sanction.
Rebuilding Erigavo road, and other roads, will substantially encourage Somaliland unity. In blocked regions, people are always isolated and are not able to interact with their countrymen and women in the other regions. ” When I am in Hargeisa, Burao, and even in Erigavo I am a full Somalilander, but when I am in back home, Taleex, I have not that much sense”, said a friend from Taleex. So, the more we mix socially, the more we feel our common interests and goals. The more we cooperate- make fundraise together, the more we feel stronger, confident, and victorious.
Rebuilding Ceerigabo road utterly means a development. It means smooth journey to the most east region in the country. It means upgrading the economy by paving the way for tourism activities in the most beautiful and historical region in the country. The more people travel, trade, and talk to one another, the more familiar they get to each other; and the more friendly they are, the deeper unity the country have.