Somaliland: More Worthy of Swedish Recognition than Palestine


Margot Wallström S minister for Foreign Affairs. announced Swedish recognition of Palestine

Somalilandsun – The recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign state by Sweden would have made much sense that that of Palestine argues Per Gudmundson in an article in Swedish translated by somalilandsun, and produced herein verbatim

“To recognise Palestine would be premature. For example, the Palestinians do not meet the basic requirements for a sovereign State, in the sense that they do not control their territory. It does not charge to get better — the terrorist organization Hamas still controls Gaza and also has a close cooperation with the Palestinian Authority. Recognition would also mean that Sweden violates the common line in the EU. It is difficult to see any winners at all in the Government Declaration unnecessarily definitive statement that “Sweden will recognize the State of Palestine”.
If the Red-Green necessarily want to break the UNION line to encourage a peaceful and democratic development in the Islamic world there are better candidates.
Somaliland has been self-governing since Somalia plunged into anarchy in 1991. When the rest of the country has suffered during the civil war, klanvälde and jihadism, Somaliland has had over two decades of peaceful and stable development. It has had four democratic elections in a row without complications.
Maybe there are historical explanations. Somaliland was a British protectorate, where the rest of the region was colonized by the Italians, for example. But the fact is that Somaliland seems to have found a way to democracy in a klanbaserat and Muslim society, which could serve as a model for many developing countries.
Somaliland is not recognised by the outside world. The EU believes that the African Union should take the first step, but the AU is mastered by dictatorships who least wants to see democracy.

Per GudmundsonSweden could push on by promising a recognition in the long run, conditional to Somaliland perfects the good development.
But the win well no domestic political points on the Swedish left party.