Somaliland: Re-Carpeting Roads, Heavy Floods and Public Volunteer Corps


Yes, Good and much needed it is but is it votes solicitation in the guise of public service?

Roads rehabilitation works at the Timaade basketball grounds road

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Motorists and pedestrians in Hargeisa are enjoying ease of pothole and dust free movement respectively.
This follows the intensification of roads re-carpeting that had been ongoing for the past month to date , in which potholes and attendant dust in the roads are disappearing at a heightened rate.
While this might seem otherwise, financial benefits are being accrued courtesy of the reduced motor vehicle maintenance costs for motorists and minimum $025 expended by pedestrians on shoe shining.
That being so, and while commending the authorities involved one would also not fail to wonder on the roads rehabilitation timing, considering proximity to presidential elections set for 13th November 2017.

After Roads rehabilitation works at the Timaade basketball grounds residents enjoy the smooth surface

So in a nutshell, yes the ongoings are much needed but why now and not earlier, or has this got to do with votes solicitation by the ruling Kulmiye party.
Just the other day the party’s leader and presidential candidate Muse Behi Abdi told a gathering in Borame town that only, his Kulmiye had the relevant experience to solve the country’s problems
So is it public service or votes solicitation?
Whatever it is, smooth roads devoid of potholes and dust are long overdue
In the meantime the smooth surface established at the road turned grisly an hour later cluster of floods caused by a short five minutes rain.

The Fast flowing waters towing diverse garbage times like plastic bags, tins , sacks, cartons and similar , plus small and medium sized stones and soil not only forced pedestrians to hop , step and jump thence maneuver through but ensued with motorists shying away.
One hour After Roads rehabilitation works at the Timaade basketball grounds floods force hop and jump As for the citizenry that had been on hand admiring the glowing surface of the rehabilitated road, the mayhem caused by floods did not only turn their glee into dejection but elicited unseen before actions.
Led by investigative journalist Mahmud Walaleye, and in disregard to hygiene a large citizens group became a cadre of very energetic road garbage clearing volunteer corps
With the Walaleye led citizens volunteer corps, the garbage catered by flooding waters emanating from Radio Hargeisa was cleared within a short time and the glow of an hour earlier returned.

Floods at the an hour earlier recarpeted Timaade grounds road force journalist Mahmud walaleye to establish a public volunteer corps Whether be a result of providing amenities to tax paying public or a vote solicitation gimmick, the fact is citizens not only demand apt service provision by government the it central or local, their appreciation can be discern by the gusto of the public volunteer corps