Somalia/Somaliland Weekly Drought Response Update


Somalilandsun- The latest Relief Web Situation Updates for Somalia and Somaliland details various aspects in relation to Migration, conflict, IDPs and food insecurity among others
Below full excerpts of the latest relief web update
• Migration to urban areas/town has increased in Adado district.
This is attributed to the drought and conflict that has led to displacement of nearly 70% of the the pastoral communities from their origin villages. Some pastoral communities migrated with their animals in search of water and pasture.

• Conflict in Herale town has displaced approximately 6,000 people. The town remains deserted even after clan elders encouraged people to return. Many have settled in Adado town IDP camps.

• As migration of pastoralist communities increase on daily basis in Adado district, vulnerable women, children, elderly and the physically challenged persons are left behind with no humanitarian assistance thus making them more vulnerable.

• Following influx of IDPs into urban and semi-urban areas over six IDP camps have been established in the past six months in Cadado, Baxdo and Godinlabe.

• Food insecurity in Somaliland is still high.
Karan rains is coming to an end with low levels of rainfall recieved in the eastern regions. However, moderate Karan rains recieved in the western region and agropastoralists communities have started their farming activities with expectations of an average harvest in October. People living in these areas lost almost all of their livestock and agricultural products and therefore they are in great need of recovery support activities such as provision of agricultural inputs, animal treatment and feeding, and construction/rehabilitation of water facilities.

• Nutrition situation in rural areas in somaliland has deteriorated due to lack of livestock products such as milk and meat which they heavily depended on as source of nutrients. If the situation persists it is projected that children may suffer from chronic illnesses and death may occur
• Drought conditions persists in some parts of Hiiraan due to poor Gu rains in most parts of the region. This has negativetively impacted community members living in the area in terms of access to food, water and pasture.

• According JIRA report, 19 households have arrived in IDP camps based in Dhobley town.
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