Somaliland: Radio Hargeisa, What’s in the Name?


Don Jensen receives RH in the USABy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – American retired journalists gives updates on RH reception in the USA and worldwide as he castigates ministry of information officials for continual refusal to acknowledge communication.

Mr. Don Jensen has continuously updated the country on the status of Radio Hargeisa transmissions worldwide especially during the crucial test for the Chinese installed 100kwt transmitter.

At the same time several communication with ministry of information officials especially the DG and Technical director have remained unanswered for reasons only known to these public officials. Will somebody do something about this lack of communication as it portrays a bad picture on us?

We are in a relentless quest for international recognition and people like Don Jensen and others are in our camp trying to make the world distinguishing between the bloodthirsty Somalia and democratic Somaliland.

Below is the latest unedited communication from Don Jensen instances

By: Don Jensen

Hello Somalilandsun

WINSCONSIN (Somalilandsun) – I liked your Somaliland Sun editorial proposing changing the radio’s name to Radio Somaliland.

Since one of the important aims of the government was to reach all of Somaliland, not just the capital, it makes good sense. I understand there are some naysayer’s, either because of nostalgia for the old name, Radio Hargeisa, or for what are clearly opposing views to the government. I think in terms of reaching an international audience, Radio Somaliland makes good sense.

Of some interest, perhaps, is that as I had predicted, as we advance toward North American winter, reception of Radio Hargeisa’s late afternoon transmission here increasingly possible.

And in fact I did receive the signal at this time today for the first time, at shortly after 1300 UTC, or 4 pm Somali time, of course on 7120 kHz. Today, reception was possible, but very poor, and I could not be sure if in English or Somali. I expect though that 1300 UTC will become better and more frequent as we move into Mid-and-Late December. Of course, the morning reception at 0330 UTC (usually) or 6:30 am Somali time remains very good.

Ah but back to the sad story. Still no response AT ALL from the DG, or from anyone on the staff of Radio Hargeisa. I know you are trying to help, but what is wrong at the station??

Weeks and weeks have passed without response. Do they not care at all what international listeners think. Have I not amply demonstrated my support and interest in Somaliland and its radio voice? I am only asking for a small response, as a tangible indication of my interest.

I am discouraged, but I am still hoping you can prevail upon the DG or the Technical Director or one of their staff to respond to me, directly, at

I have just erected a new British loop antenna, on a rotator, now 10 m. above the ground, on a steel tower and it has improved reception of all stations, including Radio Hargeisa.

For now, and hoping for the best result from your efforts to get the DG or one of his staff to respond by email to me… Looking forward to your reply and every good wish.


Don Jensen

Kenosha, WI USA

Follow this link to peruse the editorial mentioned by Mr Jensen