Somaliland: Pupils in a Lugahaya Hamlet Trek 30 Kms to & from School


Somalilandsun- Elders in Hulhuldhunle hamlet located in Lughaya district have come out of oblivion to lament about the lack of an elementary and intermediate primary school in their location; this has forced pupils to walk 15 kilometer to another school. The villagers confirmed that they had volunteered to build the school however their efforts could not bear fruit of lack of enough resources.
The elders called on all the people from Lughaya and the Ministry of Education to come to their aid and finish the construction of the school which is incomplete.
According to a villager called Garaad Musa E’elaabe Abraar acknowledged that the number of pupils in the location had increased tremendously however they have been left out of gaining education since there is no any education institution in the vicinity hence they are forced to trek 15 kilometers.
Another elder known as Musa Osman Dugsiye said that the people of Hulhuldhunle decided that enough was enough and decided to take the matter head on; first they brought together whatever resources they could put their hands on and started the construction of five classes. The old man called on the government and the ministry of education, people from the region and international organization to come to the aid and finish the construction of this incomplete school in Hulhuldhunle.
By: Guleid Abdi Maher