Somaliland: Puntland’s MOWDAFA holds Seminar on Child Protection


Puntland Deputy Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs Farhio Yusuf Hirsi Bilig briefed the seminar

Somalilandsun – A seminar titled ” Child Protection” was held by the Puntland’s Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs on Tuesday . The aim of the seminar was how to educate parents psychologically, the importance of treating children as human being rather than numbers.

Deputy Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs, Farhio Yusuf Hirsi Bilig, who briefed the seminar said: “Puntland’s strong advocacy for protecting and save-guarding the well being of children as well as giving them hope, strength, and courage at every step, in line with the United Nations’ agenda.

” Our youth needs separate and special hospitality while they are serving their prison terms , in part of our commitment to fulfill their basic rights”, she added .

During the seminar on “Child Protect”, the deputy minister called for an increased awareness to prevent child abuses including beatings. She said beating children is not good even striking them with the bundle of thin grass- hitting children with strong sticks is a sign of inhumane and must be stopped for all costs .

Puntland’s Ministry of Justice in collaboration with Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs has launched the awareness seminar on preventing Child abuses in Puntland.

Representatives and officials from Ministry of Justice, the Court, and the Police as well as members from Criminal Investigation Department (CID) participated in the seminar.

The parts agreed on that constantly beaten children turn to be gangs, and nagging to death does not help either, but politely guided crass ones learn from their err and trial and later their lives , they will be grateful ones.

Puntland’s Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs has long been advocating for the rights of children and Women before her tenure, and she may add energy to puntland’s determination to pave the road for a better generation.

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