Somaliland: Puntland Veterinarians Graduate from Sheikh


By: Yusuf M HasanPuntland Vet  minister A Hirsi Noor

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – The Puntland Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry has absorb thirteen fully qualified Veterinarians who graduated from Sheikh Technical Veterinary School.

The 13 who are the first batch of fully qualified veterinary doctors from Puntland were given a special welcome by the deputy minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry Abdiweli Hirsi Noor in Garowe where they were officially inducted into the government reported Garoweonline

“We are very pleased to have the first batch of veterinarians whose training was facilitated by the government of Puntland” Said Noor.

Sheikh veterinary school is an IGAD managed institution based in the Sceneic Sheikh city of Somaliland where students from East and central Africa are trained as fully fledged veterinary doctors.

Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, one of the fresh veterinarians who spoke at the event said they initially considered the needs of their people particularly pastoral communities and found that the veterinary service is widely required in the country

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