Somaliland: Puntland Beats War Drums in Tukaraq Village

Puntland masses troops near Tukaraq

Somalilandsun: Reports emanating from Tukaraq village in Sool region of Somaliland, confirms that the situation in the sleepy hamlet is tense following incursions of a militia aligned to the Somalia region of Puntland.

This has caused the deployment of more Somaliland troops in the area to maintain peace and stop violations of her sovereignty. Puntland region of Somalia, which lay claim of the region, has a ragtag militia based on the outskirts of Tukaraq village, has been amassing more militia near the area.

Somaliland forces are already positioned strategically in Tukaraq and these new deployments seek to reinforce those on the ground.

In the past Puntland militias have on several occasions attacked Somaliland army positions but were repulsed severely by Somaliland alert troops. Once again the ragtag Puntland militia is on it again planning an imminent attack inside Somaliland this is according to local sources.

Somaliland troops have in the past clashed with the Puntland militia inflicting them with heavy casualties following their surprise attacks on their positions.

Puntland region claim of Somaliland territory is based on tribal inclinations.

By Guled Abdi Mahir