Somaliland: Publishing House Set up to Promote Local Literature


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Somalilandsun – In order to promote the social and educational progress of the people of Somaliland concerned Stakeholders have established an organization to facilitate ease of access to publishing services for local writers.

Dubbed GacanLibaax Press and Publishing, The new non-profit organization has been set up to publish Somaliland authors, both at home and abroad, with an emphasis on educational materials for schools, colleges, universities and other places of learning.

Services provided by GacanLibaax Press and Publishing to both Established and fledgling authors dabbling in all genres and writing in both Somali and English languages include, editing, publishing, promotion and distribution.
To this effect and to not only ease publication but help create a forum for local works We encourage all Somaliland authors to submit, in Somali or English their manuscripts, novellas, articles, thesis, etc to GacanLibaax Press And Publishing. For submission or further inquires kindly contact

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