Somalia And Britain Behind Kenya Forces Contraband Charcoal & Sugar Trade Report


Somalilandsun – The Somali government backed by British operatives intent on making inroads in the oil and gas exploration on the Southern Somali coast colluded with the Journalists for Justice rights group to publish a document discrediting the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).

The report accuses The Kenya Army of abbeting economic crimes which involve selling illegal charcoal to middle east and illegal sugar into Kenya. The report has been described by military intelligence and intelligence officials as a farce and subversive.

Intelligence gathered by Strategic Intelligence Service confirms that Britain and the Somali government are working on a common plan to dislodge Kenyan troops from Kismayu. The conspiracy to take over Southern Somalia is funded by Shell-BP and Total, both coompanies are interested in exploring oil and gas through their governments.

The Director of Strategic Intelligence Service, provided insight on the scenario and questioned the reports credibility. “For example, Kenya Army troops (KDF) work with Somali National Army under AMISOM, it’d mean they are accompolices. The EU-Naval Force deployed in the Indian Ocean coast of Somalia could have already raised red-flags on the issue. KDF trains with them in Djibouti, why haven’t they raised red-flags? We should also ask them who buy’s this charcoal. They know them. Why are they trying to apportion blame on KDF? It’s obvious, it’s subversion.”

“The British should have sent their troops in Somalia a decade ago, why are they sending them now? KDF has made Juba region safe and economically viable. The region is habitable now. It’s typical opportunistic hypocrisy”

Core Factors in British-Somalia Conspiracy to Dislodge KDF out of Kismayu

· The refusal to recognize the government of Juba region’s President “Ahmed Madhobe”.

· The British government wants to send troops to Southern Somalia, specifically Kismayu where Kenya Defense Forces are deployed and work with the Juba Government Forces.

· The Somali government was warned it’d lose a maritime case it lodged against Kenya at the international court of justice. The case is about a coastline with vast untapped oil and gas resources.

· British and French oil and gas exploration and production companies Shell-BP and Total have exploration interests in the South of Somalia and coastal Kenya. (These are the disputed areas).

· Intelligence reports confirm that Britain sponsored and funded the report, besides their intelligence agents providing wrong information about the Kenya Army (KDF) to the Journalists for Justice rights group writer with the intent of making the report credible.

Kenya is carefully watching events in Somalia and it’s border. In recent past, terror attacks against civillian target were planned in refugee camps in NEP Kenya and in Somalia. Foreign countries, particulalry Britain was always aware of the threats but never shared the intelligence with Kenya.

Foreign diplomat’s in Kenya also complained about British embassy in Kenya’s alarmist advisories through the embassies joint diplomatic security sharing platforms. The envoys found the British actions against Kenya subversive. The envoys also warned of former graft Tzar John Githongo’s continued mis-information about Kenya on behalf of the British government.

According to several counselors, John Githongo is the mouthpiece of the British, and much of what he says is not true. That is suspect. It’s subversive. It’s evident Britain has it’s problem with Kenya. By invoking the ‘5th column strategy to turn Kenyan’s against their own military, is very dangerous. Diplomacy hasn’t reached a dead end.
Source : Intelligence Briefs