Somaliland: A Rare African Miracle


Edna Adan -inset -on the history of Somaliland, A Rare African Miracle1

Somalilandsun – What we cannot understand is what makes all the other African colonial borders legal, when those of Somaliland are considered illegal. In fact, we have the same borders today that we had when established in 1884 and we had those borders at our independence from Britain on June 26, 1960, while the two other Somali territories were still under colonial rule. Our borders are the same today, 55 years after independence from Britain and 25 years after separation from Somalia

This has resulted in the inexplicable anomaly that sees Few in the international community know about Somaliland a democratic country that has often been described as ‘A rare African miracle writes Edna Adan Ismail, former Foreign Minister of the Somaliland Republic and former First Lady of Somalia’ in’ A special globalriskinsights piece about the history of Somaliland titled Somaliland, a country abandoned by the world