Somaliland: Psychologists to Investigate Killings within Military Ranks


Somaliland defence minister Ahmed Adami (c) leads government officials among them Gabile regional Governor Mustafe Isse Shine (R) to an army killing related dispute resolution in Sanaag region in Sept 015

Somalilandsun – Minister of Defense Mr. Ahmed Ali Adami has revealed that psychologists have been hired to investigate killings within the armed forces. The experts will be given access to military bases and scenes of crime to ascertain the causes of these murders.

Speaking to Horn Newspaper on telephone Mr Adami said that the findings of the study will be sent to all military barracks across the country.

“Everyone is destined to die, we are all sad about these increasing cases of junior soldiers killing their superiors. As you are aware the public is concerned by these turn of events but this is not an isolated case in Somaliland even developed and peaceful countries like United States experience these killings, sometimes a psycho gets hold of a gun and starts shooting randomly killing anyone on his path these things happen.” He said

This was in reference to a recent spate of internally killings within the Somaliland army that has seen a number of officers in the country’s military service succumb from bullet injuries inflicted by junior officers in various bases while on duty

Borame police cater the killer of Lieutenant Farah Arale to custody/file photThe latest to fall in the bizarre internal army killings and the fourth in a period of two years saw the army’s Western regions commander Colonel Hasan Aqil sustain life threatening injuries on 11 August 2015 during a fatal incident at his Borame command base where a junior officer late Lieutenant Farah Arale was shot to death.

Mr Adami confirmed that his ministry has sent psychologist to thoroughly investigate and study the causes of these killings so that measures can be put in place to stop these incidents recurring in the future.

On security issues related to Buhodle where Khatumo secessionist leader Ali Khalif Galayd thence regular tensions leading to skirmishes with the army, the defence minister said

“This is not the first time Mr Galayd has come to Somaliland, as you know he has his own political agenda and aspirations but as you can see Buhodle people are fed up with him.”

Pertaining parliament quota system he said that it was the vice president who proposed that some regions of the country are underrepresented in the upper and lower houses of parliament and suggested that a national consultative forum should be held to rectify the anomaly.

The Defense minister reminisced when he was National Electoral Commission (NEC) chairman how he managed to work with regional quota system of the time as there was no population census and constituencies boundaries for proper and accurate representations of Somaliland regions which was then done through consensus.

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