Somaliland: Prof Samatar Mulls an Active Political Career Locally


Prof Ahmed Samatar plans to join a Somalilamd political party

Somalilandsun- Prof Ahmed Ismail Samatar declared that he will soon be joining one of the national political parties in Somaliland. 

“I believe it is time so that I can contribute to the ongoing changes in the country, the upcoming elections and the future government.” By Prof Ahmed Ismael Samatar,

Prof Ahmed Ismael Samatar, who is one of the most coveted and well known intellectuals in Somaliland but until this moment hasn’t been a part of the country’s political parties has hinted that he is planning to soon join one of the political parties Kulmiye, Wadani and UCID.

Speaking with the independent Television Network STAR TV upon his return on the 31st of May, 2016, Prof Samatar stated that soon he will make his political desires and intentions clear by joining one of the country’s three political parties so he could be part of the proposed 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections.

“ I haven’t yet decided of which political party I am going to join, but It is more likely that this will be the visit which decides my political destiny, I hope you will hear my decision but until you have that it is nothing but a rumor,” said Prof Samater while answering a question about if he has made his mind, continuing his speech Prof Samatar added “ I think it is time I participate actively the country’s political process, it is time I contribute to the ongoing political transformation and the elections scheduled in 2017.”

Prof Samatar yesterday and todayProf Samatar who long opposed vehemently the sovereignty and self-determination of Somaliland and long campaigned for the unification of Somalia and Somaliland but gave up his unionist ideology before few years when he was warmly welcomed back in to his native Somaliland in June, 2013 after his change of heart Prof Samatar campaigns for and supports Somaliland’s efforts in gaining international recognition as an independent state.

Source: The Republican