Somaliland: DP World Contract enters Phase II


Somaliland diplomatic envoy to the UAE Ambassador Bashe Awil

By: Mahmud Walaleye
Somalilandsun – we are starting here in United Arab Emirate the second phase of the talks between Somaliland and the united Arab Emirate. As we are aware of May 19 2016 the two countries signed a deal that was about the investment of the Berbera port and investing roads and other businesses. We are very pleased that we have the government and their members taking part the second phase of talking the UAE. For gods willing, we are hoping that everything will finish in khayr.
This was stated by the Somaliland diplomatic envoy to the UAE Ambassador Bashe Awil in relation to the DP World contract to manage the port of Berbera while stressing That the Somaliland community has a good relationship with the government of UAE.
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The UAE government is a government that helps the country in many ways, if it charity, water, building roads. And as we know they sent us two charities the last drought. It is a government that does many things for Somali community. And today we are very happy as a community to build our historical business relationship that we have the UAE.
The UAE government signed up a deal that is going to lift up the investments and the relationship of the two countries. The visitors will stay up the next Tuesday, after that they will come back the country. They explain to you how things happen and will give u deep explanations. In addition to that we are hoping it to end success and we are thanking the Somaliland community the way welcomed the deal and helped us.
We are asking conservatives and oppositions to take same side for the development of the country. This development belongs to the country. It is something that the next generation will benefit from. Anything that needs to be ratified will be followed and will go the parliaments. It would be good if we don’t criticize and to try find dirty things. And for those of you who have problems to go to the government and those it concerns.
There were many countries that were interested and willing to have this project, luckily Barbara Somaliland won the fortune. As the Somaliland Ambassador in United Arab Emarate im very happy that the biggest project that Somaliland get is this over the last twenty five years. Gods willing it will pass to generation that everyone will benefit from. We are wishing our committee success and.