Somaliland: Prof Samatar Lobby’s for the Crafting of a New Recognition Roadmap


Prof  Samatar

Critics the Hargeisa administration for not honoring the late music artist Mohamed Suleiman Tubeh who in his intestate preferred to have been buried at Berbera in the Sahil region of Somaliland

By: Osman A.M.

OTTAWA (Somalilandsun) – An American based University Professor and a native son of Somaliland has hinted that a reform of current foreign policy & crafting a new roadmap leading to recognizing Somaliland as sovereign & independent state, distinct from the Somalia Federal Government (SFG) is long overdue.

Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar has acknowledged that Somaliland is yet to be recognized as a state by the international community albeit fulfilling the internationally accepted criterion and thresholds for statehood like for instance having a definite population of people within its borders that share commonalities like speaking same language with similar dialect coupled by bonding through subscribing to a common cultural and spiritual beliefs. Prof. Samatar has decried that despite the country revamping in vigorous structuring of its institutions of governance for the last 23 years, the country has not attracted the eyes of international community.

The Prof. opined that a modified new foreign policy leading to recognition of Somaliland must be re-engineered collectively and sufficient budgetary allocation of not less than $ 10 Million annually to be supported with for the purposes of lobbying which shall be spearheaded by a carefully selected committee of imminent personalities of Somalilanders with vast knowledge & exposure tasked with the sole agenda of lobbying by attracting the eyes & ears of reasonable global figures as well as strategic nations of the world.

The American based University don also applauded the efforts propelled by his mother nation in terms of institutionalizing governance structures, attaining political maturity amidst diversionary political ideologies as well as experiencing tangible economic progress.

Prof. Ahmed Samatar while delivering a lecture courtesy of the invitation of Association of Somalilanders in Canada (ASC) at Ottawa on 22nd March in the presence of the first Deputy Speaker Hon. Bashe Mohamed Farah among other renowned personalities affiliated to Somaliland re-affirmed the country’s commitments in respect & adherence for the Rule of Law while distinguishing it from SFG that is often committed to the rule of jungle & anarchy mostly administered at the behest of a small but powerful clique of people or clan. He also encouraged the incumbent administration to equally distribute resources fairly with due regard given to minorities factions through affording them a share of the national cake.

Prof. Samatar emphasized in his detailed lecture at the predicament facing his fellow countrymen viz a viz the negative economic impact associated with intake of Khat which he estimated to be ¾ of its import from Ethiopia. He called for the reduction in the substance so as to direct the savings to national building.

Lastly the Prof. concluded his address through criticizing the failure of the administration in not facilitating the burial of the late music artist Mohamed Suleiman Tubeh which failure he pointed to the Government’s lethargy & ineptness in lacking advanced preparation for funeral arrangements thus resulting Mogadishu to take advantage of the situation after catering for the ailing musician’s hospital bills.