Somaliland: First Lady to Enhance the Depilating Education Standards in Salahley District


 Lady Amina Weris

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – First Lady Amina Weris Mohamud Jirde joined cabinet ministers at a function facilitated by educational stakeholders from Salahley District aimed at coming up with ways of improving the poor standards of the District’s education.

The function which took place at Star Hotel in Hargeisa was graced by the First Lady, the minister for Education, the Presidency minister, the central committee of the ruling party Kulmiye’s chair, communal & traditional leaders from the District.

Speaking at the event the First Lady Amina Weris Mohamud Jirde promised the Government’s commitment in offering help in the much yearned educational improvement noting that the residents of the District have done a lot for themselves by initiating projects aimed at general wellbeing of their social-economical lives stating that reinforcement would be offered by the state so as to fill the existing gap.

Mrs. Amina Weris noted that whilst Government is mandated to the general improvement of socio-economic rights of its citizens she stated that it does that through priorities which it sets before the fiscal year where it releases its budgetary provisions. She however commended locals for their unity & cohesiveness in collectively attending to matters that affect them as population.

Mrs. Weris promised the locals that she would lobby for Government’s help in uplifting educational standards whilst cautioning against preferential treatment for some regions over others before calling for equal & fair distribution of national resources.

The minister for Education Hon. Zamzam Abdi Adan while officiating the occasion promised to look into supplementing the limited educational facilities of the District & all the areas under its administration.

The former minister for National planning and the chair of Salahley-Hargeisa road board Mr. Ali Ibrahim Mohamed (Sanyare) commended the education minister as a public official who is always at the forefront in development matters & noted of her prior engagements with Salahley people as bearing fruits.