Somaliland: Prof Eid Urges Diaspora Somalilanders to Support the MP S Doughty Recognition Campaign

L-R Greater Manchester MP Liz McInness-Labour Party. Prof Eid Ali and Cardiff MP Stephen Doughty- Labour party in Hargeisa Somaliland Aug 2018

Somalilandsun ; Salam All Somaliland brothers and sisters in the Diaspora and members of SSE

For this year 2020 we must honestly and vigorously lobby our MPs. In our adopted country the UK for Concerted Action is needed as since Every Little Helps?

As I have been repeatedly saying if we get the real support not cosmetic of 25 heartened MPs as Stephen our MP in Cardiff it is most likely the British Government will recognise Somaliland.

Forget other countries it is Britain that has the key to the recognition of Somaliland and we need to focus our efforts and lobby our constituents’ MPs, Councillors, and British Friends to support the motion tabled in the House of Commons by the Cardiff legislator.

Above all genuine partnership between Somaliland Mission, SSE, SSUK, communities, Somaliland National Political Parties and active Somalilanders is needed to honestly work together for the Common Good of the Big Picture/ to achieve synergy as before and during the struggle against Faqash. There is no other alternative?

The MP Stephen Doughty initiative calls upon the UK government to formally recognize Somaliland as a sovereign country.

To support this initiative lets lobby our MPs to affix their signatures thence a full debate in the British House of Commons.

Together we can … yes we can so let us do!

Allow Gargar Somaliland.

The author Prof Eid Ali Ahmed was recognized as seventh among 100 Brilliant and Iconic of Black Wales in 2018

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