Somaliland: Australia Don’t Kill Our Camels Instead Bring them Back


Somalilandsun – Australia announced on Tuesday that it is starting with a five-day program to drastically reduce the number of Camels In the south of the country, which is plagued by drought and heat; many thousands of animals are walking around desperately looking for water.

In addition, they cause damage according to the local residents, who even fear for the safety of their children.

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The dromedaries were brought to Australia by the British, probably from India and the Middle East. However, in Somalia people are convinced that the dromedaries come from there, in particular from the former British colony of Somaliland.

The president of the shepherd’s association in Somaliland, Mustafe Ali Deeq, says that dromedaries are “very dear” to his countrymen and that they immediately come in second place after humans. Australia should therefore save the lives of the animals and send them back where they belong.